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Age Verification

Hello Vape Kitchen Friends,

Due to the FDA regulations passed on August 8th, 2016 from the Federal Department we are required to verify the age and identity of every customer who places an online order with us using an outside age verification service.  For the matter at hand we have chosen BlueCheck. BlueCheck may seem a bit invasive and we know many of you may have concerns about providing this information online. We ourselves find it troublesome and a nuisance however we still must adhere to the laws set by the FDA.  If you want to help us change this, please communicate your discontentment with your local city and state elected representatives and visit www.casaa.org, www.august8th.org and www.sfata.org to fight for your vapers’ rights.

Should you have any problems with the verification process with BlueCheck please contact them directly at help@bluecheck.me for assistance.  

Thank you!

Oren & The Vape Kitchen Family


Information provided from BlueCheck:



What do the new FDA regulations require for age verification? 


The FDA regulations require that any company that sells vape or e-cig products verify that all purchasers are at least 18 years of age. What's more, they require that all vendors verify anyone under the age of 27 with a photo ID and demonstrate that they have possession of the photo ID.  Lastly, they require all vendors to verify a purchaser each time they make a purchase, even for repeat customers.References:

Authors Note:

The FDA regs are very straightforward in this matter: Verify everyone, everytime.  If they are under 27, you need to see a photo ID.

Do my customers need to show a photo ID? 


Yes - per FDA regulations, anyone under the age of 27 will be required to show a photo ID.  Additionally, customers will be required to demonstrate they have possession of the ID.  We do this by asking for a "selfie" with the ID.

If you are collecting this info yourself, you need to follow DHS-4300A for Sensitive PII.


Authors Note:

This is the most common question we get asked by far.  It's on the FDA homepage for the new regs. It's 100% required. If you aren't verifying with a photo ID, you aren't FDA compliant.

Do I need to verify repeat customers? Can I verify their account?


If the customer is under the age of 27, you must verify their age with a photo ID.  This means that a retailer must verify a customer each time, even if they are a frequent customer.  The PACT Act also has a couple sections about what technologies can be used, and how they need to be controlled.  Under the PACT Act, retailers need to be using specific database technologies to verify their customers.  Additionally, the retailer selling vapor products aren't able to control the database used to verify them.  


Authors Note:

You need to verify a customer's age with a photo ID each time they make a purchase.  BlueCheck has an automatic system in place that meets this requirement and is not intrusive.


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