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Flavor List

All our Vape Kitchen Epicurean E-Liquids are 100% VG based.
Nicotine strengths that available for all our flavors are 0, 1.5, 3, 6, and 12 mg
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Strawberry Malted Milkshake: Old time Strawberry syrup blended to perfection with our creamy French Vanilla malted milkshake.

Salted Caramel Milkshake: Creamy French Vanilla ice cream and hand crafted caramel sauce are balanced by the delicate addition of sea salt.

Vanilla Malted Milkshake: Creamy French Vanilla bean ice cream blended to perfection with farm fresh whole milk and a touch of malt powder...Just like the local diner would make it in 1955!

Banana Malted Milkshake: Vape Kitchen's proprietary banana flavor (made famous in Top Banana) provides the flavor sensation of real green bananas blended into your favorite French Vanilla malted milkshake.

Chocolate Malted Milkshake: Truly an Egg Cream on steroids. The perfect amount of old time chocolate syrup is blended into our smooth and creamy vanilla malted milkshake. This one will take you back in time!

Raspberry Malted Milkshake: Tangy and luscious raspberry sauce provides a distinct and fruity balance to the rich and creamy texture of our signature vanilla malted milkshake.

OPUS Premium Line

Opus 1: A delightful blend of 25 flavors layered over a smooth and complex base of 14 day infused earl grey and Vanilla VG. This creamy and smooth vape creates cream without using cream. Perfect for all day vaping.

Opus 2: Orange peel, naturally extracted tobacco and real Lafroaig Cask Strength Scotch provide the perfect compliment to Vanilla and Earl Grey infused VG. Our 25 flavor deconstructed cream balances it all perfectly.

Opus 3: The subtle sweetness and aromatic intrigue of rose, tobacco, cucumber and peach interplay brilliantly with the honey-like mouth feel of saffron infused VG and our deconstructed cream flavor base.

OPUS 4 - Craft Vapery's Best In Show Winner at Vape Summit Houston 2015: Warm and boldly toasted almonds pair naturally with toasted coconut and Spanish Saffron infused VG. Generous notes of cream provide a comforting and rich base for this 30 ingredient Vape masterpiece.

Culinary Creations:

Strawberry Lavender VacherinA light and fluffy baked French meringue layered with creamy lavender white tea ice cream and fresh strawberry sorbet.

Golden DreamA clean and refreshing all day vape with the finest essence and extracts of fresh cut apple, lime, lemon and cucumber with a hint of muddled mint and fresh ginger. Summer is here.

Hooligan's JamSweet and tangy Strawberry preserves perfectly blended with tart and succulent concord grape jelly form the ideal juxtaposition to rich, creamy, lightly salted and toasted peanut butter…we even cut the crust off the bread!

Churros y ChocolateA Mexican favorite: Clove and cinnamon-spiced chocolate sauce perfectly paired with hot-piped Churros sprinkled liberally cinnamon and sugar.

Pineapple WhipRemember the frosty Dole Whip from the Tiki Room at Disneyland? Yum. Sweet and tangy pineapple perfectly balanced with a frosty, soft-serve sherbet base.

Toasted HazelnutThis hazelnut is anything but subtle! A sensory explosion of aromatic, fresh-roasted hazelnuts with a complex caramelized finish.

Sea Salt CaramelCreamy, rich, sweet caramel with a hint of Himalayan salt and Basil Hayden's Kentucky Bourbon.

Creamy Peanut ButterCookie Soft and chewy peanut butter cookies pulled straight from the oven with a dollop of unsweetened whipped heavy cream. We've been told this is the best true tasting peanut butter flavor around. Try it.

S'moresA campfire favorite without the campfire: Sweet graham crackers do little to contain the oozing, slightly-charred river of molten marshmallow and melted semi-sweet chocolate.

Bananas FosterAnother old-school, table-side favorite: Ripe bananas flambéed with dark rum and a rich, buttery caramel sauce.

Cookie ButterOur Cookie Butter flavor was inspired by our dear friend Brian from Miami. Cookie Butter is a spread created with popular Belgian speculoos cookies baked with caramelized sugar, a hint of cinnamon, ginger and other spices. The flavor is unlike any other and is known as the European Airline cookie.

Lemon BlissAnother brilliant flavor idea to come out of Prescott, Arizona, this time from Matt L. This lemony delight is a tart, sweet, refreshing lemon ice cream laced with chunks of vanilla creme filled sandwich cookies. This lemon dessert flavor is one for the books and is has quickly become a favorite for the lemon fans.

JubileeThere's a groovy party in your mouth and everyone's invited. This delectable blend of fresh peach, pineapple, lychee, raspberry and blackberry will keep you dripping all day long. It's an outstanding fruit blend that one can't resist.

Top Banana

The Top Banana line was created around a new, house-compounded, banana flavor unique to Vape Kitchen. I found all banana extracts available on the market to taste fake and flat; mostly like cheap banana candy. Rather than limit myself to candied bananas, I decided to make a banana flavor in-house that actually tasted like a real green banana. The end result is a banana base that make our liquids come to life. These flavors are so spot on that I felt they deserved their own special branding: Hence the birth of Top Banana!-Chef Oren

Banana Churro PuddingTired of mushy, fake and uninspiring banana vapes. Time to step up to Top Banana! These cute and tasty little guys set a new standard in what a banana should vape like. Banana Churro Pudding takes ripened, sweet, caramelized bananas and marries them with hot and crispy churros. Take all of this and fold it into a creamy vanilla pudding and enjoy!

Banilla PieBanilla Pie recreates the sharp flavor of ripe bananas combined with creamy vanilla pudding and vanilla wafer cookies. It's an ice box pie in your RDA!

Bowls Cereal Line

Commander CrunchCaptain Crunch

White BunnyTrix

Charming McLuckyReminiscent of the incredible Lucky Charms cereal we loved as kids. The sweet, crisp taste of sweet, whole grain cereal topped with fluffy marshmallow treats make it all magically delicious. Named in honor of our favorite Air Force Medic in Arizona who requested this flavor.

NaNa's French ToastOur version of the very special French Toast Crunch cereal that is an actual dish we make at home: Egg brioche dipped in cinnamon spiced batter, rolled in crunchy corn flakes, grilled to perfection and topped powdered sugar & syrup.

PB CrunchPeanut Butter Crunch

Sin ToastCinnamon Toast Crunch

Jack's ApplesApple Jacks


Irish Car BombRich Guinness interplays perfectly with Irish Whiskey and Bailey's Cream creating a unique flavor profile like no other. Sweet malt and caramel notes followed by creamy malty undertones. (Yes... We extract our Guinness from real Guinness Stout. You'll swear you were drinking the real thing!!)

Mint MojitoFreshly muddled mint and brown sugar contrast bright and refreshing lime juice and chilled Caribbean rum. A South Beach staple.

Piña ColadaFresh island coconut milk blended with pineapple juice & light Caribbean rum.

Strawberry Arnold PalmerPerfectly sweetened sun-steeped black tea compliments the crisp and tangy profile of fresh squeezed lemonade. Beautifully ripened strawberries and fresh cane sugar complete this summertime masterpiece.

Mango LemonadeRipe, sweet mango provides a smoothness and complexity to the comforting and refreshing flavor of home made Myer lemon lemonade. Ginger Ale One of the most ordered drinks on air flights Ginger Ale is a sweet fizzy delight with a touch of ginger. Cola We blend our own. Something to behold. You can feel the fizz in this flavor when vaped.

Cherry ColaOur proprietary fizzy cola blend with just the right touch of bing & Washington cherry essence.

Vanilla ChaiRich Far-East aromatics make this coffee house staple come alive on the exhale. Sweet notes of vanilla, honey and frothy cream hold it all together.

Dirty ChaiThis one's for all of you that like a little coffee with your cream. Take our Vanilla Chai, add a shot of perfectly roasted espresso and this is what you get!

Tempting Tobaccos

We have reformulated our tobacco blends and they are pretty darn great now.

BFT (Best F*cking Tobacco)Our own blend of domestic and imported tobacco flavors. A true "no nonsense" tobacco.

BLT (Best Light Tobacco)Think of your favorite gold and white pack....

Earl Grey Bourbon Tobacco CustardA delicate infusion of extracted Earl Grey tea and small batched bourbon essence into a rich custard

Coffee Toffee TobaccoA Vape Kitchen Staff favorite! Dark-roasted coffee is the dominant note in this VK classic. A slight nutty caramel candy makes the perfect segue-way to a subtle tobacco finish.

Vanilla Spice TobaccoMadagascar Vanilla, cinnamon, and cold-weather spice add comfort and character to our standard tobacco blend.

BMT (Best Menthol Tobacco)....no flowery rhetoric here....

Paris Black TobaccoOur chef's take on the unique and bold flavor of French black tobacco smokes. Notes of charred oak, toasted coconut, vanilla, smoke, and Chinese black tea create a truly satisfying modern take on a European classic.

Apricot Pipe TobaccoThis vape sits squarely between a true hookah experience and a refined puff off an old meerschaum pipe.

Coffee 'n Cigarettes TobaccoRight up there with chocolate and peanut butter , cookies and milk or Foie gras & Sauternes. Two satisfying flavors not to be forgotten..(though we hope you kicked the Cigarettes!!"

Natural Spearmint TobaccoMilder and more complex than a standard Menthol.

Fruit Bombs

Perfect PearFresh, sweet, juicy pear at it's finest. This e-liquid won Best All Day Vape at The Tucson E-Cigarette Fair May 2014.

MangeauxTruly the mother of all mango flavors. Think of the sweetest, freshest agua de mango mixed with the most perfectly tart and creamy mango slush from the Philippines. This is the mango base flavor for our best selling Thai Mango Sticky Rice flavor and it is simply exquisite.

Tangerine DreamNot the 80's synth fusion band! Sweet, true to taste tangerine. Some fans love mixing this with our Thai Mango Sticky Rice Cha Cha Cherry Sweet bing cherry.

Perfect PeachSweet, juicy, mouth watering peach Lime Time Sweet, tart and refreshing lime

WatermelonJuicy, sweet watermelon

Green AppleSweet & tart green apple

StrawberryRipe, fresh picked strawberries. Like the real stuff. Not the candy. And it's simply wonderful.


Agua FrescaSubtly salted sweet watermelon is balanced by a splash of refreshing cucumber and topped with dry ­roasted Spanish peanuts.....trust me it works!!!

BLC (Bean Leaf & Cream)Our satisfying interpretation of a classic vape staple: smooth, aromatic Tahitian vanilla bean and a slight back note of natural tobacco enveloped in our proprietary cream base.

Blue BeltsSugary sweet and chewy with a whole lot of sour, these blue raspberry gummy strips are sure to satisfy the inner child of every gummy­ crazed adult vaper.

Don’t Call Me ShirleyAnother faithful VK recreation of a non-­alcoholic favorite. This Shirley Temple flavor has it all. Crisp and refreshing lemon lime soda with a generous helping of cherry grenadine.

Grand CrackerA true graham cracker vape for the masses! Generous flaky honey graham cracker texture topped perfectly with just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.

Hilo SnowVK’s only menthol fruit blend will take you to the summit of the Mauna Kea on the Big Osland! Lightly toasted coconut, sweet, island­ fresh pineapple and delightfully refreshing lychee are complemented (not destroyed or muted) by chilling menthol and cooling throughout the inhale and finish.

Just PeachyFresh clover honey provides natural sweetness to the smooth and refreshing flavor of sun sweet, ripe white peaches and homemade lemonade. A cool finish (not menthol) completes the profile in a satisfying way.

Lychee LimeaideSweet aromatic lychee fruit provides the round and refreshing body to homemade, slightly sweet, lime slush. A refreshing cooling (not menthol) on the finish makes this the ultimate summer time vape.

White Raspberry Whisper: Masterfully blended and perfectly balanced, this all day vape will never leave you vaped out. Sweet and naturally tart raspberries are softened by smooth peaches and a mid note of white grape. A mild cooling sensation (not menthol) completes the finish.

Signature Custards

Strawberry Panna Cotta (Italian Cream Custard)Delicately sweet-cream dessert with a hint of strawberry essence.

Bad Mother CustardThe mother of all custard. Need we say more? We start with USP grade VG infused with Madagascar vanilla. That's right! Vanilla VG made in our kitchens. We then add that to our creamy, rich custard base consisting of 3 different vanillas, 2 complex caramels, 4 different cream/milk compounds and a touch of spice.

Apple Jake's: Jake's Green Apple Custard. Inspired and conceived by a Vape Kitchen customer from Prescott, AZ, Apple Jakes perfectly balances the crisp and clean flavor of ripe, freshly cut green apples with the smooth and satisfying flavor of French vanilla ice cream custard base.

Butterscotch BudinoJust like mamma used to make (if she was Italian, an accomplished cook, and had copious amounts of free time) Creamy butterscotch pudding with a subtle infusion of Basil Hayden's Kentucky Bourbon.

Coconut CustardAnother smooth all-day vape. We make ours with ripe, green coconuts in a light vanilla custard.

Bacio (Chocolate Hazelnut)This is our version of Nutella and it's outta this world delicious. Roasted hazelnuts coarsely ground into raw sugar and dutch cocoa to create a thick, rich and creamy Gianduja dessert.

Asian Delights

Buko PandanAnother Filipino classic faithfully recreated by Chef Oren. Sweet coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk provide the smooth and satisfying creamy base for the mildly earthy flavor of pandan jelly.

Coco Langka (Coconut Jackfruit)VK does it again! Our in-house formulation of the perfect Jackfruit flavor provides sweetness, depth and natural acidity to the delightful and creamy coconut and condensed milk custard base.

Thai Mango Sticky RiceA Thai take-out classic: Fresh ripe mango slices atop a warm bed of Thai sticky rice slathered in sweet coconut cream and touch of condensed milk.

Halo HaloYou can now vape the most popular dessert of the Philippines. Halo Halo translates to Mix Mix and is made with various sweet beans, jello and fruits served over shaved ice and evaporated milk. It is also topped with caramel flan, ube (taro) and vanilla ice cream. It is a delicious & unique flavor.

Ube MacapunoA traditional Filipino sweet treat and my personal favorite. This Ube Ice cream features sweet Taro steeped cream , fresh cane sugar and the warm, distinctive addition of fresh coconut, cinnamon and sweet corn...yes. sweet corn!

Ube BlizzardPicture a Dairy Queen in Manilla!! A DK Blizzard with Taro if you will... Frozen vanilla soft serve, sweetened condensed milk , slushy ice and ube. This flavor feels frozen when vaped.

Ube RoyaleNo. this isn't the title to a new Filipino Bond flick. It's a pure and simple sweet taro ice cream. The cleanest expression of the 3 ube flavors.

POGA perfect blend of passionfruit, orange and guava. Popularly known in the Islands of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Snow CapPassion fruit, orange, guava & other tropical flavors topped w/ sweet condensed milk Thai Iced Tea Ceylon tea infused with orange blossom water and other Far East aromatics. sweetened with condensed milk.

Cafe Sua DaVietnamese dark roasted French dripped coffee poured over ice and sweetened condensed milk.

Green Tea Kitty KatOur version of the Green Tea Kit Kat from Japan. Rich, white chocolate blended with green matcha tea enveloping a crisp vanilla wafer.

Thai Mango Reserve: A creamier, richer and more complex interpretation of the original. Make no mistake. This isn’t your typical B.S. “reserve” offering. This is an entirely new formulation and enhancement of taste. Thick, rich triple-vanilla custard envelops tart and deliciously sweet, fresh mangoes slathered in warm coconut milk on a bed of Thai sticky rice.


Fruits Blends

Dragon TreatDragonfruit, lychee & cherry.

Summer SolsticeA refreshing blend of 11 sunshine-inspired flavors. Light peach, citrus, and melon notes perfectly juxtapose the ginger/vanilla infused, mint julep finish. Truly unique and our favorite all day vape at the moment.

Cran TreatCranberry & lychee Cucumber Minty Melon Freshly cut cucumber topped with fresh honeydew melon juice and muddled mint

Coconut LycheeA sweet and wonderful delight of coconut and lychee Spring Fling Blackberry & cucumber delight infused w/mint. Extremely refreshing.

Pomegranate Pear: A perfect blend of Asian, Bartlett and Royal Riviera Pears laced with tart & sweet pomegranate juice with a tinge of other fruit essences create this lovely fruit mix. If you are a fan of our award winning Perfect Pear you will absolutely love this flavor.

Delectable Desserts

Cinnamon Apple PieWarm, tart, apple pie with strong tones of cinnamon and brown sugar.

Debbie HarryFlaky, buttered sugar dough crust provides the base for a rich "chocolateless" chip cookie dough marbled with butterscotch chips and a hint of moist, sweetened coconut flakes. If only Blondie looked this good now.

Raspberry CheesecakeRich, creamy, New York styled cheesecake topped with sweet puréed raspberries.

Lemon CheesecakeFresh Meyer Lemon infused Cremé fraiche slowly baked until creamy and golden. Add a rich, buttery Graham Cracker crust, some fresh, unsweetened whipped cream and enjoy….oops. Almost forgot the candied Meyer Lemon Zest! Peaches 'n Cream Fresh summer peaches topped with sweet vanilla cream

Pralines 'n CreamToasted pecans dipped in a marriage of butter, brown sugar, salt and then blended in vanilla cream

Orange CreamsicleA sweet & tangy orange popsicle coupled with vanilla bean ice cream. A true summer treat.

Caramel AppleTart, sweet green apples dipped in buttery caramel.

Root Beer FloatA really great tasting root beer topped with Madagascar vanilla cream. Our fan favorite.

Fun Foods

Crunch BallsLight, fluffy pastries coated in delicious Capn' Crunch Berries filled with sweet and creamy vanilla milk icing.

Blueberry DoughnutOur version of Dunkin' Donut's world famous Blueberry Doughnut. A deliciously glazed blueberry cake doughnut to pair your your morning coffee.

Milk Candy Mania







Candy Shop

Maple ButtercreamCreamed butter blended with brown sugar and Canadian maple syrup create this delicious flavor. Just like the See's Candy.

Movie MintzDark bittersweet chocolate covering thick, rich and creamy mint. Tastes and smells EXACTLY like the beloved Junior Mints you loved as a kid.

Pink StarfishOur version of our everyone's favorite childhood chewy candy, Starburst. Pink because because it was the best one out of the pack. Tangy, tart, sweet and juicy strawberry bursting with flavor to waken your taste buds.

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