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OPUS Premium Line

OPUS is a new ultra premium line created as a platform for creative expression without limitation by Chef Oren at Vape Kitchen.  Each flavor uniquely highlights what’s possible when all convention is eschewed and compromises are forbidden. 

Numbers were used to name each flavor to further distance Chef Oren from preconceptions and suggestion.  For this line we weren’t going replicate something we love to eat or drink.  We wanted to create new, bold, clearly defined flavor profiles that simply didn’t exist before. Numeric naming also frees the consumer from tasting with their eyes instead of their noses and mouths.  

No expense was spared in the creation of OPUS.  Our VG bases were cold infused with the finest fresh aromatics and botanicals for a minimum of 30 days.  The finest Jasmine and Earl Grey Teas were selected for extraction.  Real Spanish Saffron was included as well.  Elemental flavor profiles like creamy and smoky were deconstructed and reconstructed using unlikely flavor building blocks resulting in delightfully complex yet cohesive variants of conventional cream and custard. 

Flavor without limitation: OPUS by Vape Kitchen

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