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Who's in the Kitchen



The Chef

Chef Oren who is the owner and mad chemist of The Vape Kitchen is a classically trained chef who studied in the culinary arts in San Francisco many moons ago before chefs were ever known as TV celebrities.  He also worked at a few well known restaurants here in Los Angeles.  Michel Richard's Citrus, La Brea Bakery, Campanile, Joe's in Venice to name a few.  His expertly trained palate can formulate and/or recreate virtually any flavor one could dream up. His gifted palate enables him to create any custom flavor on the spot when customers visit our shops.

The Vape Kitchen is a family owned brick and mortar business run by Chef Oren and his wife Mai. In their spare time (when they have it) they enjoy hanging out with their 3 kids, cooking & eating really great food and going to shows. Chef Oren can be found tinkering on old European cars, play loud punk rock music or goal tending for his many ice hockey teams when he's not in mad scientist mode. 

Our Epicurean E-Liquids

The Vape Kitchen has the most flavorful and smoothest epicurean e-liquids on the market because we use the best ingredients available.  Chef Oren also handcrafts and extracts many of his own flavorings from scratch which we use in our recipes. We only make small batches of our epicurean e-liquids so our products are always fresh yet do not need steeping.  Our vegetable glycerin & nicotine are 100% USP Grade Kosher and sourced from the most reputable US companies. The Vape Kitchen e-liquid products are proudly created in our own kitchens in sunny Southern California.


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